Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Limitation Game

I've finally decided on a blog design! Hurrah! I contacted a few bloggers, got a few tips and finally I decided to go for a simple template with my own header. I'm happy with my blog and I can hopefully stop messing around with the design - I can't help it I'm rather picky when it comes to design. So now I can start thinking about what content I can put in my blog. Being a first time blogger I don't have a lot of adventurous things to blog about at the moment as I haven't got much going on. I'm still on my gap year so it's just a case of work and whatever I get up to at home.

I decided a while back that my blog would have something to do with talking about what inspires me. I chose the title 'An Enthusiasm For' because there are so many little things that I am enthusiastic about even though I come face to face with limitations.  In my last post I mentioned a little about money and transport limitations, if you too are in the same position then you'll know how frustrating it feels, but throughout my gap year I have really been making use of the things that I have already. There were times I would look at my Nikon Bridge camera and think "grrr! Why don't you do much! If only I had a DSLR", obviously I couldn't have just walked into a photography shop and purchased a brand new £300 DSLR - I don't have that kind of money to be going out and spending. So I knew I couldn't give up with my camera as that would look bad and I was surprised that I actually found some settings that I had never used before. Now how about that! I was tempted to give up on my camera but I have stuck with it and I've produced some photos that I'm really happy with.

I remember an article I read on IdeasTap about a photographer, Idil Sukan, who photographs actors and comedians. One of her quotes really stuck out to me -

"Buy a camera – it can be a terrible camera – and don’t buy another camera until you become thick with rage at its limitations. So many young photographers blow their student budget on the best possible camera and don’t appreciate the technical wizardry of what you can do with it. You need to take so many photos with your shitty camera. Then feel free to go shopping. It’s the best moment in the world because you know you deserve it."

I mean what a great piece of advice and that's when I decided to give my camera another go!

So if you're finding yourself in the same situation as me - you're limited with money or transport then my big advice is that things seem ten times worse when you feel down about it. I truly did feel bad, around last year I felt like I was getting nowhere, my problem was that I was having difficulty finding a job and I was super worried that I wouldn't be able to afford university. So the days I wasn't walking around town handing in CV's, at home I was trying my best to keep my mind off of things and keeping myself busy. At home I always find things around the house to do like baking, drawing, reading, learning a new song on the piano or guitar, helping my brother out with art, this just kept my mind at peace. In relation to my last post even just being out in your own garden really does help just to take your mind off of the stress of being limited to what you really want to do.

Finally things are starting to go in the right direction now but I'm still always making use out of the things I have already. I'm so grateful that things are starting to get better, "It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will always find it's way".


Monday, 11 May 2015

The Secret Garden

We don't have a secret garden but I like to think that every garden can be secret. A garden is somewhere private, somewhere you can have your own outdoor space. When the weather is being good I just love to sit out in the garden and relax in the sun. Without the needed transport and money, there are limitations so I can't always venture out of town. So there's days where I will think, 'well the weather is nice so the garden it is', or 'even a walk to the village shops is something'. Also I'll do my bit for the RSPCA and help with dog walking, it's just nice to be outside and be out in the good weather.

We don't have the biggest garden but it's looked after (considering that my youngest brother boots his football around the place), I occasionally help my mum with the gardening potting up the plants however I must say I much prefer taking photos of our garden. When I'm out in the garden I usually hear the familiar call of my cats, when someone is in the garden they are bound to hear you and sit beside you on the bench by the flowers. They never venture too far so you'll ever find them sleeping in the house or around the garden on the garage roof...sleeping.

Every garden is different, whether you like to keep it secret or not. But I'm happy with our garden, it's not too small, not too big and it's somewhere I can practise my outdoor photography. Not to mention it's somewhere my cats can be and I love to see that they probably think it secret too.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Lets Pin

This is one of my random posts where I just want to share with you my obsession with the most amazing site called Pinterest. It's such a fantastic site that allows you to have your own page and create as many inspirational boards as you like. You can pin anything from fashion to food It's such a great way to show people what you are passionate about. Once I discovered Pinterest, which was one day in Sixth Form 2 years ago, I would used to use Pinterest just to pin (and clog up the feed) with loads of celebrity guys I had a crush on. Now things have changed (although I may still pin the odd photo of an actor or footballer) I've began to understand my page and I'm starting to create boards that show the things I am enthusiastic about or the things that inspire me.

I love everything about fashion style, home decor, arts and crafts, travel and photography. So I love the concept of Pinterest and how it allows me to find photos and create boards based on different themes. I also love how Pinterest can teach you new things, I mean you can search how to refashion your old jeans or how to create a backdrop in your own living room. It's fantastic! I'm excited everytime I use it. You can even click on a photo you have pinned and it'll take you to the website where the photo came from, I've found many useful blogs just by using Pinterest so you'll always find something new.

If you haven't heard of Pinterest or you have but haven't used it I'd 100% recommend setting up an account. It's very simple, just sign up using your email and then just get stuck into it. You can use it on many devices, I always use Pinterest on my ipad and android, they're always updating new features and it's so easy to use. So the next time you see that large P logo, click it!

Happy Pinning,


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