Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Flowers and Jars

Back again with a new post, I've been thinking about what to write and I've decided that right now I don't need to over plan and wait for something big and exciting to happen. I'm new to blogging and with not too much going on at the moment I just like the fact that I can write about a few things as well as still learn how to use a blog (with the help of YouTube videos). I'm sure that when there's more going on I'll be able to take more exciting photos and write some more posts. Right now it's just about the littlest things and anything I want to write about that inspires me.

Back in April my mum and I got a load of packets of seeds together and gathered a whole load of pots and see how many flowers we can grow. It's now June, it's summer and the weather is promising (at times) and our flowers are already starting to bloom! It's amazing how they started out as a tiny seed and grew into flowers so beautiful. We've grown stocks because you can cut them down when they are starting to flower and you can place them in a vase indoors. I have such a love for jars, as told in my last post, I think they're more unique than your usual vase and not to mention that they are so much more cheaper. You can also personalise them too, I haven't managed to do so to mine yet but I'll be on the look out for any materials I can use. My jar was once full of pasta sauce, so you eat your pasta meal, wash out the jar and there you have it your own jar for flowers!

Our stocks are growing beautifully with a ray of colours blooming, pinks, yellows and purples. It was still tough work though, my mum knew what she was doing though. Re-potting could get a little too delicate as the stems and roots were so small and could break easily. I kept most of the pots on my window sill but occasionally I would forget to water them, but hard work paid off as the stocks are looking beautiful!

All my inspirations can be found here on Pinterest.

Have a lovely week,


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Here's a little update

It's been a while since I last posted, I've been a little busy getting into the new routine of work and I've been sorting through some stuff. But now things have panned out better I can start working on my blog again. So here's a little update about what I've been up to lately.

So yesterday I went out with the family to Trentham Garden Centre, it's one of my favourite Garden Centre's as it's just huge! It has so much you can do so it's not just your average garden centre. You have the main centre which is full of all sorts, huge displays of garden furniture and then the smaller home and garden decor. There's also a cafe, if you have travelled far and need a break or if you'd like to spend the whole day at Trentham. Then if you walk out of the centre there is a huge outdoor area which in the beautiful weather was just lovely to see the flowers in full bloom. Dotted around the area were these beautiful playhouses, I've never seen anything like them before and my brothers and I just had to take a look inside them. They are so brilliantly built - I should mention the price of each of them but you can probably make a guess of it. My favourite had to be the Hobbit house, I am such a huge fan of The Hobbit and LOTR so when I saw the house you can probably guess my reaction. I didn't manage to take a lot of photos, which is a shame because Trentham is such a lovely place so I could have shown more but for one my main camera has no batteries and I had to cope with my phone camera which can get very irritating. But anyway I did manage to get some of the beautiful playhouses, outside of the main centre is the Trentham shopping village, which has these beautiful little shops from sweets to clothing and with many little gift shops. Also a part of Trentham is their gardens, which I haven't been to yet. But I've been to the monkey forest which was really great, you walk around these paths and there are free mokeys out in the forests walking around or jumping from tree to tree. Trentham is such a lovely place if you're looking for a great day out, if you haven't been then I highly recommend it because there is so much you can do! If you need anymore information or directions just check out their website here.

I almost forgot! Last Friday we found three baby birds in our garden, at first we thought one of the cats may have been out on the hunt and the birds managed to escape from them but after the first one we kept a close eye out on the cats. I heard movement in the garden and under the water butt (same place as the first) was another baby bird. We managed to pick it up and it just sat their in our hands, there were no injuries from the cats so our guess was that it had fallen from a nest. Our Garage is covered in vines and ivy leaves all entwined across the wall and part of the roof which sounds the perfect place for a nest. We weren't sure what to do so we did the same as the other bird and placed it on top of the garage roof. Later on there was a rustling coming from the back of the garden near the bushes, once again I found another bird! So again we did the same and placed it on the garage roof within the leaves. There haven't been anymore since the third so I reckon they're going to be more careful this time, especially when there's four cats on the look out. I was just amazed by the fact that the birds weren't frightened and sat on our hands, I just love everything about being close to nature and wildlife. It's quite amazing what you can find in your own back garden.


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Monday, 1 June 2015

An Unexpected Feeling

Things seem pretty surreal at the moment, since leaving school it has taken me a long time to eventually have a successful job application. Within a year I had 4 interviews out of a possible 20, the fourth being the successful one. I handed out CV's to many places - not to mention online applications too and every week I felt on edge because I was thinking 'why haven't I had a call back get?', I had a small amount of work experience with a photographer to get me out of the house but still I was feeling the pressure and stress of not yet having that first job. At the start of this year I was panicking about how I was going to afford university, my situation is that I only get just over the minimum amount of loan with no grants because my household is in the highest ranking of earnings. I really don't think it's fair to base this on our parents wages because my parents are certainly not going to pay for everything I need for living costs. So that's when I started panicking because if I wasn't working then how was I going to save up for university. I set myself a plan and I figured out that I could hopefully find something by March so I could start saving. Well that did not happen, but I decided that I couldn't keep feeling stressed as it just wouldn't make things any better.

So last month was when I had that fourth interview and I got a position. I feel like I don't need to go overboard and celebrate, it took a long time to get to this point and I guess it's strange getting used to a new routine. I realise It takes me a while to get used to change, there were a few days where I thought there was something bothering me and I was writing things down trying to figure out what it was. But it's quite simply the fact that my routine is slightly different now and I'm only just getting used to it.

Looking back at when I left school I now feel that I should have looked at the situation differently, I shouldn't have got myself so worked up and stressed out but I guess it doesn't help when I had two certain members of the family making a few comments. It's a tough process but I just kept to what I was doing, every week I would hand out CV's and when I had an interview I really tried my hardest. You can't turn back time but you can always learn from your mistakes, I now know that being patient is the key even if you feel like you have been waiting for ages.

My advice for stressful times is to read about other people who are going through the same situation, it just helps to know that you are not the only one and it can also help to know what their outcome was and how they powered through. I loved reading different blogs and also reading articles about how to improve CV's and how you can make yourself look presentable in interviews. I also took some time out away from the job hunting business and went out and took some photos, drawing, bit of gardening, dog walking and even DIY. It helped just to take my mind off of being stressed with finding work and it meant I had something to do when I didn't have the money or transport to venture out.

Happy 1st June!


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