Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Quiet Days After Christmas

Hello again, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

I'm sat at the table with Harvey (one out of the four cats) on my lap, so seeing as I have the time I thought I'd write a new post! So now that Christmas is done and dusted, the new year is only a few days away. For me I'd like to spend some quiet days until my next semester starts in late January. It's been a very long couple of days so now is the time just to wind down and write to do lists for the new year...and sneak in a few remaining chocolates and biscuits!

It was nice to get out and stretch my legs yesterday and get some fresh air. Sometimes it can get a bit too much staying in doors after a long time, especially when it's been Christmas, I tend to lose track of the days. Each day felt like a Sunday...I swear it had been Sunday for at least 5 days!

There's always time for a visit to the nearest garden centre after Christmas. There's a couple of centres which we usually visit, Trentham being one of my favourites but yesterday we decided for something more local and went to Byrkley Garden Centre. After a visit around the centre we ended up at our local country pub. It was a little chilly outside and we had been out during lunch so it was the best way to sit indoors beside a candle lit window for some chips and a tear n' share garlic bread focaccia, (although it wasn't just some for my youngest brother who decided to have a huge beef burger!).


I've been making a few improvements to the blog, just playing around with the design. I'm contemplating whether or not I should buy a template, I've seen some lovely designs over at Etsy that aren't too expensive. I think once I've got some more blog posts going I might consider it. I've also managed to break the CSS, it's not working grr! If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know in the comments, I've been trying to align some text and it wont allow me.

I hope everyone has a lovely and happy new years!

Monday, 21 December 2015

An Enthusiasm For In December

It's been a while since I last posted. In fact it looks like ages since I last posted as some how I managed to delete a recent post and I have no clue how to get it back. But anyway, work is done for this year, hurrah! I'm relieved I can finally have a long time off before my next semester, I can now take this time to re-group, have some time to think and ease my mind. After transferring from Gloucestershire I came into my new course late, so I was rather behind in my work. I've had a very stressful couple of months so all I want to do is make sure that i'm fully prepared for the next semester!

I'm taking this as a quiet winter break. Here's my little round up of the things to have an enthusiasm for in December and in the new year ::

1. Improve the blog :: I think I've neglected my blog a bit. When it comes to the design of my blog I don't think I really have a clue what I'm doing. I some time not to rush and watch a few tutorials on creating a better design.

2. Get the mixing bowl out :: I haven't baked something good in ages but I have a few good recipes in mind.

3. Take more photos :: I recently bought my first ever DSLR, it's taken a couple of years for me to save up enough to buy a good camera. I'm starting off with D3300, i'm used to Nikon so I thought this seemed like the best option (not to mention the free accessory kit that it came with). I'd like to spend the time to get used to using a DSLR more often and take more photos for my blog.

4. Try new foods :: I've been vegetarian for at least 2 years now, I love all the Quorn foods as they make some really great meals. But sometimes it can become repetitive so i'd like to start trying more vegetables and different meals.

5. Start a new drawing :: I've gotten so much better at drawing, I used to be terrible at drawing people and avoided drawing them at all costs. But now I'm getting better with my tonal and I've been learning a lot from Pinterest and YouTube videos!

6. Find a new book to read :: I've read many books but for me nothing can compete with LOTR and Harry Potter. That's probably why it's taking ages to find another book to read. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below!

7. Christmas food :: I can't remember the last time I tried a mince pie or a Christmas pudding!

8. Christmas decorations :: I love home d├ęcor in the winter, I've been helping my mum with all the Christmas decorations, coordinating with colours and textures. It's best in the evening when the lights are on!

9 Blog more! :: I have a habit of getting some content for one blog post and then leaving it till the next month for another. I'd like to start posting more often as I only have about 15 or so blog posts. I'm still new and I'm still learning about the ways of blogging, I need that extra enthusiasm to write more.

10. Update my skin care regime :: My make up box is looking a bit empty as I threw out a load of it. I've always liked to keep it minimal but I think I could do with an update.

Here's a few blog posts I've been inspired by recently!:

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Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

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