Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring Forward

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

 There's nothing quite like an Easter weekend full of chocolate eggs, cups of tea, tulips in jars and homemade hot cross 'scones'. Not to mention a bit of good weather to highlight the season of Spring! Although we did see some spells of rain, but we can't say no to a beautiful rainbow once the sun came out.

Speaking of the weather and the season of Spring, I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself again. The winter months started to drag on and the cold weather wasn't doing any good for me at all. It feels odd to write at 6 o'clock in the evening bright with blue sky and the sun shining over the gardens. Especially when back in the winter I would be sat wrapped up in layers beside the radiator with my laptop beside me. 

Now I feel is the right time to start getting motivated and work on some of my to-do list. To 'Spring Forward' is exactly what I want to do, move out of my winter routine and get some things done. 

Here are a few things from my Spring to-do list ::  

1 :: Driving lessons
I've been putting off driving lessons for ages, but now that I have my provisional I need that extra motivation to get started!

2 :: Create 'office' like space
Although with a small bedroom I have always wanted to create a work space. Usually it's the sofa or my bed for which I rest my laptop on but as part of my 'Spring Refresh Wishlist' I'm looking to create a new work space.

3 :: Finish current drawing
Even the littlest things fit onto my to-do list. Just to remind me that there are things to do when I'm bored.

4 :: Bake something new
I recently baked 'hot cross scones' for this Easter. But I'd love to start baking something new each week. I have my eye on macarons!

5 :: Get reading
I'm being really picky with this one as I still haven't found a good book to read yet! Any suggestions? Please comment below!


Do you have anything on
your to-do list this Spring?


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Winning Trip To Alton Towers

Happy Spring everyone! It was a lucky start to last week as I won a free ticket to Alton Towers. Moments after winning, my brother received an email telling him that he had won two tickets to be the first to ride the new ride Galactica before its opening day, which is officially the 24th March. So last weekend was our unexpected and winning day trip to Alton Towers.

My mum, two brothers and I got to the park early so we could collect our tickets and good lord was it freezing! We could have done with some sun but overall we didn't have a too bad day. We managed to get on a few rides, not many as we were waiting for the preview, so that my brothers could experience their competition win Galactica.

I was so cold that I didn't manage to take many photographs, but as always I couldn't resist to take a photograph of the beautiful Towers hidden behind the trees. Along with a few photos of the roller coaster tracks also hidden beneath the trees. But after a sit down at the parks new 'Coffee Lounge' with a Starbucks hot chocolate, we managed to regain our warmth and get moving around the park.  

Whilst waiting for my brothers who were allowed past the barriers towards Galactica, I could peer through and see the theming of the new and improved ride. The theming looks great, as a huge portal like shape is placed around a section of the track, allowing the riders to zoom through the lit up portal. It would look amazing at night! I shall have to wait until my next visit to give it ago.

My legs have been aching after twisting around in the air and walking to and from different sections of the park. So for our next trip I'll definitely need to work on some fitness beforehand!


Will you be visiting Alton Towers or any other
theme parks this year?


Monday, 14 March 2016

The 'Spring Refresh' Wishlist

I'm a bit behind on my blog posting as I really wanted to start posting on the blog at least once a week to get into a routine. But lately I'm a bit all over the place, looking for work and now I have a problem with my foot so I've been up to the doctors and the hospital! It's all been a bit crazy, but finally here's this weeks post!

Spring officially starts soon, hurrah! I just can't wait to get out of winter. I do love the winter months but it gets to that point where I start to feel really un-motivated and just generally fed up. I feel like I'm constantly on about the weather all the time and I am someone who really suffers from cold hands and feet in the cold weather (my feet literally turn blue! - note my current foot problem). But for the past couple of days the weather has been good to us, it's certainly getting warmer so I think we could be in for a good Spring!

I have a huge Spring refresh wish list going on at the moment, from home d├ęcor to fashion and beauty, I can't wait to get started with my Spring refresh this year. Here I have a couple of items in mind for this spring, a stripe jumper for when a coat isn't needed, white trainers, a new white desk for my bedroom, a new foundation possibly Clinique's anti blemish solutions and a rose tree light to match the line of rose lights around my bed frame. 

Slouchy Ribbed Stripe Jumper by Boutique :: Topshop
Adidas Originals Honey Low Canvas Trainers :: ASOS
Clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation :: Boots
White Brusali desk :: Ikea
Lit White Rose Tree :: Next


What's on your wishlist this Spring?

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