Wednesday, 27 April 2016

April Favoutites

So it's the last week of April already! I've been wanting to do a favourites post since I last did a similar home d├ęcor favourites post couple of months back. I think it's nice to do a post about a few bits and bobs that have shined for me this month. I've been picking up little bits in town as I've been in need of an update with some of my beauty and skincare products. Not to mention a couple of other things I've seen around town and I can't say no to any sales or offers I see about!

So here are a few of my 'April Favourites'...


Hand cream is an essential part of my daily skin care regime. My skin is crazy dry, especially my hands. I have tried so many different hand creams and none seem to keep my hands soft all throughout the day without having to apply the cream at almost every hour to keep the dryness at bay. I opted for E45 as I thought a more pricier and healing cream would work for my hands, but I felt that the texture was quite greasy and wasn't particularly working even after using it 3 times a day for 3 or 4 weeks.

So I decided to pop back into boots and have a look for something different. I saw the Sanex range on offer which It still is and I couldn't resist a good buy. I have been using this for at least 2 weeks now and I am totally impressed! I apply at least twice a day, in the morning and then towards the evening. It has a lovely silky texture that dries rather quick and really hydrates my skin. Quite good for a cheaper product!

I already have problematic skin but this month my skin decided to have an explosion of breakouts and it has been pretty hectic trying to rid of them. I have used so many over the counter products, all of which seem to work for a couple of weeks then my skin gets so used to it that it doesn't work anymore.  

This isn't a recent purchase but I was rummaging around the medicine cabinet and found Clean & Clear Spot Treatment Gel. I didn't realise my mum had bought this a couple of weeks back. Although this product has a lot of mixed reviews I was desperate to try anything on these pesky breakouts! I am quite impressed with it already, as the gel had worked overnight to calm redness and the size of the breakouts. It has been a big saviour to my skin (so far) and I'm hoping it stays that way!


I'm always changing shampoo as I can never find one that is perfect enough for my hair and recently I've had super static hair which if you too suffer from this problem you'll know it's really irritating to style! As I always like a good offer I noticed a lot of them on hair shampoo and conditioners in boots. I usually use Pantene so I thought I'd try out their Expert Collection.

I picked up the Hydra Intensify which combats roughness, frizz, brittleness and dullness so I thought this may be able to sort out my static problem. After a couple of washes now I have noticed a big change, when styling my hair I don't seem to have any static. I feel as though my hair has been washed properly without any build up left in my hair and once I use the conditioner it really locks in that softness.


I have been looking around everywhere for a new coat suitable enough for any type of weather and a trench coat was the first thing I was looking out for. New Look has had a big sale on at the moment so I decided this would be the first place to shop for a reasonable priced coat.

I spotted this khaki trench coat and was lucky enough to find it in my size! As soon as I tried it on I knew it would be perfect for any type of weather. After some long thought about the coat I decided that it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe as it's that type of coat that will go with pretty much anything!


Since starting blogging again last year I am still new to the Blogosphere world. I came across the Blogosphere Magazine on Twitter not long a go and was excited to learn that their magazine features so many bloggers that I already know and is also full of so many tips for blogging. I just had to pick this up when I found out that it was in my nearest WHSmith.

I spent a good hour looking through the magazine, with my laptop opened up with Bloglovin' at the ready, looking for any new bloggers to follow. It's a really inspirational magazine as I always find myself looking back through it if i'm in need of some inspiration for my own blog. It's so different from any magazine I usually read but I find it really helpful towards my own blogging, so I would totally recommend picking up a copy of the latest issue!


What have been your April favourites?
Let me know in the comments below!


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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to solve the waiting game

My new course doesn't start again until September this year...yep, that's right, I'm having to go through the whole waiting for the new university year to start once again. However I shouldn't complain, as this time it's different, because it's actually a course that I'm looking forward to as opposed to something I thought I would enjoy.

Lately I've been trying to hold back feeling down about not getting up to much. I feel like I'm always stuck in the house and when I'm not, I'm limited to where I can go. I'd quite happily like to jump on a train and say 'i'm off to London for the day'. But money doesn't grown on trees unfortunately. Not to mention having to wait for call backs from potential jobs. Doing the whole 'always making sure my phone is on the highest ring' and 'checking for any missed calls on the landline'. I'm watching my phone like a hawk these days!

Each day I try to give myself little reminders, that whilst it is a very long time until the new university year starts and waiting for job opportunities do take a while, that there are things I can still do to keep me occupied and it doesn't even have to cost a thing! There are definitely things to do when you think you haven't got anything to do!

:: Get out every now and then. It does wonders to get out of the house even if there is nowhere big and exciting to go. Just a walk to the shops will do!

:: Bake something out of the store cupboard ingredients. In our kitchen there is always enough to make your usual cookies, traybake and scones. I always find baking relaxing, if there isn't a cat wondering around after the ingredients that is. A challenge is to see what is already in the cupboard and see what you can fix up a recipe.

:: Spring cleaning! There's nothing like a bit of Spring cleaning that will keep you occupied for the whole day. Or even depending on how much needs to be cleared out this can be a job you can spread out for the whole week. I always feel 10 times better once I've taken everything out of my room, hovered everywhere, polished and then rearranged everything back into a different place.

:: Put some outfits together. I am such a big fan of Pinterest and all my style inspiration comes from there. Sometimes I like to strip out my wardrobe and use Pinterest to put together some outfits that I didn't realise I could put together in the first place!

:: Help out with gardening. It's a real challenge getting your garden back into a better state for Spring after Winter. Our garden gets super muddy if there's been a lot of rain and it really doesn't help that the sun gets into the garden around late afternoon. It's something to do, getting out in the garden and helping mum with potting up new plants or painting the fences and furniture!

:: Be prepared for job advertisements and/or job interviews. I always make sure my cv is always up to date, adding little bits to it if necessary. In relation to putting some outfits together, it's always a good idea to make sure you have interview clothes. Pair of black trousers, blouse, blazer, suitable shoes, the staple interview clothing items.

:: Read something inspirational. I always catch up on my favourite blogs in the morning, especially when it's an inspirational post that will help me set my day off the right way.


Do you have any ideas that keep
you busy throughout the day? Let me know in
the comments below!


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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

To Find Your Passion

The start of April has been a little slow as I haven't really been up to much lately, hence the random garden photos plus the cats doing their usual thing! But lately I've been thinking. Thinking how It's taken me ages to finally find my passion. Although I can bet there's even more decisions to come and after a lot of indecisiveness, I'm starting to pin point what my passion really is.

My blogging started about two years ago when I had decided to give it a go. But after going through a rough time in my last year of sixth form I decided to delete my blog and never thought about returning to it. But last year before starting uni, I decided to give blogging another go.

My passion for photo taking, writing, blogging, connecting with social media and so on comes from being inspired by others. You know, the photographers, bloggers, vloggers, Instagramers and adventurers that we all follow online on a daily basis. It's not about envying someone's job but it's about being inspired by what they do and how they have an impact on your own creativeness.

I'd be sat indoors on a rainy day in the Midlands, flicking through Twitter and Instagram seeing photos of bloggers shooting in London thinking 'I can see myself doing that'. Or reading through my favourite bloggers websites full of collaborations and beautiful designs thinking, 'in a few years that's where I'd like my blog to be at'. I think Nishaantishu was the first blog I ever read. I came across one of Freya's posts on Instagram and just reading through someone else's adventures and relating to their thoughts had inspired me to give blogging another go.

To find your passion is a difficult one, unless you've truly known what your passion is from since a young age. But for me, I've been all over the place! Changing my mind over so many careers (I was even determined to become an actress at one point), but I guess every decision I had made at the time was always a creative one. Now that I'm on track with my decisions, like choosing a course that I'm actually interested in, I can now start to make clearer decisions and plan properly.


Posts I've loved reading :: Rosie's 'On to the next adventure', Freya's 'Brokedown Palace', Sara's 'Me & Luke Skywalker' & Miranda's 'Fun Things to See and Do in April'

What is your passion? How long did it
take you to find your passion?


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