22 April 2015

I'm learning many new things about blogger, I've kind of learnt how to use CSS and I'm starting to visualise how I want my blog to look. I haven't yet decided on a design, when it comes to something like this It's going to take a while to get it perfect. I have to admit right now I'm not totally happy with my blog design, but I hope that after changing it around a few times (I've already changed it around 3 times) I will have it the way I would like it to be.

If you're like me, new to the blogging world and not really sure on what blog design you want, my plan has been spending my time watching YouTube video tutorials. I feel like I have much more understanding if I watch someone teach me how to let's say add some social media links to a blog. Also look through your favourite bloggers designs, I'm not saying copy their designs but you can always take note of their layouts and use a colour scheme that suits you best.

After I've figured out what design I want I'll start thinking up some content. This is a real challenge for me but I'm enjoying it.


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