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12 April 2015

I have said many times that I have always wanted to start a blog, I had once started one and it didn't work as I had no motivation at all. With so much spare time on my hands I have now decided to give blogging another go! I'm not going to put a label on my blog just yet, this is all about letting things flow and sharing whatever inspires me that will hopefully inspire others too. I have many different passions so I'll try to weave in as many as I can into my blog so I can share the things I love.

Firstly I'm going to work on some designs for my blog, I wouldn't say I'm the greatest at this kind of thing but I've got some learning to do and soon I will have a much better layout for my blog. I'll also be working on some new content too, once everything starts flowing I'll be so much comfortable with my blog!

I'll write again soon...


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