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1 May 2015

This is one of my random posts where I just want to share with you my obsession with the most amazing site called Pinterest. It's such a fantastic site that allows you to have your own page and create as many inspirational boards as you like. You can pin anything from fashion to food It's such a great way to show people what you are passionate about. Once I discovered Pinterest, which was one day in Sixth Form 2 years ago, I would used to use Pinterest just to pin (and clog up the feed) with loads of celebrity guys I had a crush on. Now things have changed (although I may still pin the odd photo of an actor or footballer) I've began to understand my page and I'm starting to create boards that show the things I am enthusiastic about or the things that inspire me.

I love everything about fashion style, home decor, arts and crafts, travel and photography. So I love the concept of Pinterest and how it allows me to find photos and create boards based on different themes. I also love how Pinterest can teach you new things, I mean you can search how to refashion your old jeans or how to create a backdrop in your own living room. It's fantastic! I'm excited everytime I use it. You can even click on a photo you have pinned and it'll take you to the website where the photo came from, I've found many useful blogs just by using Pinterest so you'll always find something new.

If you haven't heard of Pinterest or you have but haven't used it I'd 100% recommend setting up an account. It's very simple, just sign up using your email and then just get stuck into it. You can use it on many devices, I always use Pinterest on my ipad and android, they're always updating new features and it's so easy to use. So the next time you see that large P logo, click it!

Happy Pinning,


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