The Secret Garden

11 May 2015

We don't have a secret garden but I like to think that every garden can be secret. A garden is somewhere private, somewhere you can have your own outdoor space. When the weather is being good I just love to sit out in the garden and relax in the sun. Without the needed transport and money, there are limitations so I can't always venture out of town. So there's days where I will think, 'well the weather is nice so the garden it is', or 'even a walk to the village shops is something'. Also I'll do my bit for the RSPCA and help with dog walking, it's just nice to be outside and be out in the good weather.

We don't have the biggest garden but it's looked after (considering that my youngest brother boots his football around the place), I occasionally help my mum with the gardening potting up the plants however I must say I much prefer taking photos of our garden. When I'm out in the garden I usually hear the familiar call of my cats, when someone is in the garden they are bound to hear you and sit beside you on the bench by the flowers. They never venture too far so you'll ever find them sleeping in the house or around the garden on the garage roof...sleeping.

Every garden is different, whether you like to keep it secret or not. But I'm happy with our garden, it's not too small, not too big and it's somewhere I can practise my outdoor photography. Not to mention it's somewhere my cats can be and I love to see that they probably think it secret too.

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