Flowers and Jars

24 June 2015

Back again with a new post, I've been thinking about what to write and I've decided that right now I don't need to over plan and wait for something big and exciting to happen. I'm new to blogging and with not too much going on at the moment I just like the fact that I can write about a few things as well as still learn how to use a blog (with the help of YouTube videos). I'm sure that when there's more going on I'll be able to take more exciting photos and write some more posts. Right now it's just about the littlest things and anything I want to write about that inspires me.

Back in April my mum and I got a load of packets of seeds together and gathered a whole load of pots and see how many flowers we can grow. It's now June, it's summer and the weather is promising (at times) and our flowers are already starting to bloom! It's amazing how they started out as a tiny seed and grew into flowers so beautiful. We've grown stocks because you can cut them down when they are starting to flower and you can place them in a vase indoors. I have such a love for jars, as told in my last post, I think they're more unique than your usual vase and not to mention that they are so much more cheaper. You can also personalise them too, I haven't managed to do so to mine yet but I'll be on the look out for any materials I can use. My jar was once full of pasta sauce, so you eat your pasta meal, wash out the jar and there you have it your own jar for flowers!

Our stocks are growing beautifully with a ray of colours blooming, pinks, yellows and purples. It was still tough work though, my mum knew what she was doing though. Re-potting could get a little too delicate as the stems and roots were so small and could break easily. I kept most of the pots on my window sill but occasionally I would forget to water them, but hard work paid off as the stocks are looking beautiful!

All my inspirations can be found here on Pinterest.

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