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11 August 2015

It's been a while since I last posted, actually I think it's been a month to be more precise. But I haven't had much to talk about, nothing much has been going on lately. It's the summer holidays and I'm basically just saving my money for university in September, with the odd outings and then work. So I haven't really been thinking about what I can post, but soon I can guarantee that I'll have a lot more content to post, with lots of photos.

Within my spare time I'm learning to understand my camera more, I only have a Nikon bridge camera so I'm limited to it just being a point and shoot camera. But looking online I've been finding some useful tips on how I can improve my photography with a point and shoot camera and make them look more professional. It is possible, I've took many photos I'm proud of that we're just taken with my Nikon bridge, they look as though they have been taken with a DSLR. Then occasionally I've been making notes of the technical side of photography, learning more about how the DSLR works, using aperture, shutter speed, exposure etc. I may not have the camera in front of me but I'm still learning and preparing myself for turning advanced.

I have expressed this so many times, I really really love black and white photography. I love absolutely everything about it, Ansel Adams was a genius! Black and white photography creates this beautiful, stunning atmosphere, you can have these deep dark shadows and strong contrasts creating a moody raw piece or you can have subtle contrasts between light and dark creating something that's soft and gentle. I'm not much of a fan of bold bright colours, I can find them too distracting, where as when it does come to shooting in colour I love rich tones and darker colours, for example animals with their fur patterns or architectural pieces with old weathered bricks and stone. Unless I'm shooting flowers and plants, if the flower is naturally filled with bright bursts of colour then they work well against a plain not overcrowded background. But there's just something about black and white photography that makes me wow, it works with any type of composition or style of photography, it has personality and character.

I was experimenting yesterday, I love playing guitar and piano and so I thought lets create a new black and white series with instruments. While I can't take control of aperture and other advanced settings on my camera I really lowered the exposure, turned on macro mode and got some great angles using the live view. I left my curtains open because I wanted a natural light in my room, it wasn't sunny so I didn't get any distracting sunlight through. The natural light created a beautiful reflection on the body of the guitar, it set up a really beautiful detail and having a decreased exposure really brought out those beautiful dark tones and shadows. Just using a point and shoot camera really produced something beautiful, but I'm still looking forward till I can start using advanced DSLR's, I can still work in the way which I see photography but I will be able to have more control over the settings.

Have a nice week,


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