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24 October 2015

Last week I completed a photoshoot for my current brief for Commercial Photography, it was a very cold and cloudy day and it was the first time I have had to lug around a heavy DSLR with many lenses and a very heavy tripod in a public. I visited Trentham Garden centre again, I have been many times but I had never been inside the gardens. Part of my brief was to shoot for a magazine and produce photos for a cover, single page and a double spread. I decided to choose Gardeners' World as macro flowers and gardens are pretty much my thing when it comes to photography. Before university I was very limited to what I could use for photography shoots and didn't have access to professional DSLR's and tripods. Now that I am studying photography at university I have the privilege to use all the equipment I have never used before.

If you haven't been to Trentham Gardens and you love walking around show gardens or just being outside! Then you will love to take a visit, maybe not so much in the cold. I was very freezing, my gloves kept getting in the way of the buttons but I guess I was doing a lot of standing so of course I was going to be cold. I was so surprised at how many flowers were still in bloom, there were a few flowers that didn't particularly look too healthy but I guess in the spring there would be a lovely show of flowers. 

I managed to get some great shots and I need to get started on editing in Lightroom, which I seriously love! I'm not at all great with Photoshop, I mainly used it for my fine art projects back in A Level but I still don't manage to remember all the techniques. But Lightroom is just beautiful, I get stuck into it straight away as it is my kind of editing that I like. I don't tend to like editing my photos, if taken well I like to leave it how it is but Lightroom has so many features that don't destruct your photographs and make them look beautiful!

Check out Trentham Gardens if you haven't already!


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