Spring Forward

29 March 2016

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

 There's nothing quite like an Easter weekend full of chocolate eggs, cups of tea, tulips in jars and homemade hot cross 'scones'. Not to mention a bit of good weather to highlight the season of Spring! Although we did see some spells of rain, but we can't say no to a beautiful rainbow once the sun came out.

Speaking of the weather and the season of Spring, I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself again. The winter months started to drag on and the cold weather wasn't doing any good for me at all. It feels odd to write at 6 o'clock in the evening bright with blue sky and the sun shining over the gardens. Especially when back in the winter I would be sat wrapped up in layers beside the radiator with my laptop beside me. 

Now I feel is the right time to start getting motivated and work on some of my to-do list. To 'Spring Forward' is exactly what I want to do, move out of my winter routine and get some things done. 

Here are a few things from my Spring to-do list ::  

1 :: Driving lessons
I've been putting off driving lessons for ages, but now that I have my provisional I need that extra motivation to get started!

2 :: Create 'office' like space
Although with a small bedroom I have always wanted to create a work space. Usually it's the sofa or my bed for which I rest my laptop on but as part of my 'Spring Refresh Wishlist' I'm looking to create a new work space.

3 :: Finish current drawing
Even the littlest things fit onto my to-do list. Just to remind me that there are things to do when I'm bored.

4 :: Bake something new
I recently baked 'hot cross scones' for this Easter. But I'd love to start baking something new each week. I have my eye on macarons!

5 :: Get reading
I'm being really picky with this one as I still haven't found a good book to read yet! Any suggestions? Please comment below!


Do you have anything on
your to-do list this Spring?


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