Moments in May

1 June 2016

Happy June everyone! Isn't it crazy how quickly these months are flying by? I mean it's almost Summer, can you believe it! It's been one of those up and down months, good days with a few bad ones. But I feel like this time I've learnt a lot from those bad days, from having an understanding of what's gone wrong and staying calm and relaxed away from stress. I decided to do a 'moments in May' rather than the usual favourites of the month as I don't really have much to share product and clothing wise. I'm trying to be reasonable and only spending on things that are absolutely necessary so I can save up for university this year. So without any further ado here are my moments of May!

1:: Finally getting my writing groove back! As previously stated in another post I was suffering from some sort of writers block. But, I finally pushed myself to get some blog posts written and finished for publishing!

2:: Eating ice cream in the warm weather.

3::  Helping with Spring/Summer DIY. I've been sanding and painting benches and table tops ready for sitting out in the garden in the warm Summer weather.  

4:: Finally getting around to watching Star Wars The Force Awakens. Yes I know, I am very late with this one but we wanted to wait until the film had released on the Sky Store so we could watch it at home!

5:: Getting back into baking. Occasional baking has now taken a turn, I'm baking every week and loving it! I've been trying out different recipes, but still sticking to the easy ones. I think now is the time to try more tricky recipes!

6:: Visiting Trentham Garden Centre. They have recently had a refurbishment and the place still looks beautiful.

7:: Chelsea Flower Show. Oh how I wish I visited this year!

8:: Adding Summer clothes to my wardrobe. New pair of blue jeans, shorts, sunglasses and more!

9:: Rejoicing my love for box sets! I just finished watching 'The Secret Life of an American Teenager' on Sky on demand. I'm now juggling between series 5 of 'Once Upon a Time' and series 6 of 'Gossip Girl' on Netflix.

10:: Having downpours of rain in between sunny days. I wrote previously in a post about how to 'cleanse your mind', rain being the main thing that helps cleanse my mind from any stress.


What have been your moments
of May? Let me know in the
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  1. What a fun post! I can't believe it's almost summer either!! Baking, new clothes and ice-cream on warm days sound ideal to me :) Miranda xxx

    1. Thanks for reading Miranda!



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