The Summer Garden

7 August 2016

It's peaceful sitting in the garden. Listening to the sound of birds singing in the trees, watching the wind blow through the flowers, hearing the church bells ring in the distance, watching the butterflies chase each other through the garden and fluttering onto the buddleja bush, listening to the bees humming as they fly from flower to flower, smelling the fresh scents of roses and lavender.

The garden has been in such a beautiful bloom recently, partly because mum looks after the garden so well. Our garden may be small but it's nice just to sit around the table or sat on the grass with the cats and be relaxed in our garden. Mum has also done well to make our garden look as private as possible without making it look too small and crowded.

We have the huge buddleja which covers the back of the garden, it stands tall with each branch flopping over each other spreading across the back fence. We have a huge mass of vines and ivy spread across the garage roof which falls down across the wall of the garage facing into the garden. Then on the other side of the fence we have another tree and various bushes (not so sure of the names). We have our very own secret garden!

We have many different flowers around the garden, not to mention we've also got plenty of vegetables growing too. From horse radish to peppers, we've got most of them potted up in the pop up green house. However, those pesky snails and slugs have managed to have their snack on some of the leaves. Hopefully, fingers crossed we can salvage some good grown vegetables when they're ready to be picked!

Although I'm more of a Autumn/Winter person, I have to admit that the garden always looks its best in the Spring/Summer months. And despite all of the rain that we've had too, the garden definitely benefits from it all! I'm all for a slow lived Summer this year, few trips here and there and spending time in the garden taking photos, reading books or just listening to the best Spotify playlists.



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  1. I agree with you! I'm and Autumn/Winter person too, but that garden look lovely.

    -Ed (

  2. having a lovely garden full of beautiful flowers is such a life goal of mine. i just love having an outside space.


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