Summer Favourites

20 September 2016

Summer favourites

I am so glad it's September. I've been so looking forward to Autumn for ages now, as it is of course my favourite season. Not just because my birthday is in October but because I just love everything about Autumn, the change of weather, golden crunchy leaves, spiced pumpkin lattes, darker evenings, tan boots, candles in lanterns, cosy knits, the list goes on and on! Although I'm not particularly fond of Summer (me and hot weather just don't go together) I still managed to come up with a list of my favourites throughout this Summer!


I was lucky enough to win a competition with Next and I was given £250 to spend on updating my Summer wardrobe. One thing missing from my wardrobe was a good pair of trainers and I just had to go with a pair of white Converse. I also bought a few tops and a pair of ripped cigarette jeans which go perfectly with basic tees and my new Converse. I still have some money left so I'll be on the look out for some new Autumn additions!

I finally bought a clothes rail! I've mentioned before that I have such a small room with a huge wardrobe and was starting to get fed up with the lack of space so an open wardrobe was one idea that I had in mind. I absolutely love what it has done to my room, I feel like I have so much more space even though it is still a small room. I love styling the rail too, with wooden hangers and colour coordinating my clothes from lights to darks. I've also placed a bag over the rail with my hat hanging on the top of the rail which just adds a finishing touch!


lavender in pot

I have such a big love for flowers in jars, especially in my room. They just add a little subtle splash of colour and also make the room feel fresh. This Summer I have been loving Lavender. We have a huge Lavender plant in the garden so I've been cutting sprigs from the plant every now and then and placing them in a small jar to put on my bookcase. I also love the look of Lavender when it's dried up, so I've been styling dried Lavender in pots around my room which I think adds a beautiful vintage touch.


(price varies in different shops, signed edition online is currently £9.49)

I spotted Fleur's book, The Luxe Life, in WHSmith. I was drawn to all of the DIY projects in the book which I absolutely love, from mug staining to creating your own ripped jeans I just love little projects like that! There's also a bunch of recipes, beauty advice, hair tutorials, fashion advice and much more so it's jam packed with so much that you can do.


I am so happy that The Great British Bake Off is back, it has to be one of my most loved programmes ever! Whether you love baking or not it's still such a great programme to watch. I'd always joke that I would apply to be on the show, but I don't think I could bake under pressure with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood looking over my shoulder!

Throughout the Summer I also caught up on a couple of programmes that I had missed whilst I was away. I missed the first couple of episodes of New Girl but I'm so used to watching programmes on catch up, so luckily I managed to catch up on the new series on All 4. Zoe Deschanel is just the best and I was so happy when Jess returned half way through the series, New Girl just isn't the same without Jess!


My main Spotify playlist consists of a lot of the Kaiser Chiefs. They have always been my favourite band, they're the kind of band that you'll know all the words to their songs as they're just so catchy! Their usual indie rock music has transitioned into more of a pop vibe, It's different but I'm still loving their music no matter what. I've been listening to their new song 'Hole In My Soul', it was the perfect summer song for me.

My favourite thing about Spotify is that I'll always end up finding new songs and new artists that I've never heard of before. I'm not particularly a big fan of all the advertisements but I find it very useful when some new songs I've never heard of  pop up on a banner in Spotify.


What have been your
Summer favourites? Let me
know in the comments!


Favourite blog posts I read this Summer :: 'There's Something I Would Love You to Read' - Nishaantishu / 'Lotus Biscoff cupcake recipe' - Milk Bubble Tea / 'That Time I Met Mark Hamill' - Me and Orla / 'Slow Days of Summer' - Little Birdie

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  1. I'm exactly the same, I don't do well in hot weather! I definitely think I need to invest in a pair of converse, they go with everything and look so comfy! Also the lavender in that pot looks so lovely :) xxx

    1. Converse are just perfect for each season too, I've been living in them since I bought them (hence not so perfect white anymore). Thanks for reading Samantha :) x


  2. I get so excited on Wednesdays because I know Bake Off is on, beautiful Converse too. Didn't even know Next sold them! Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Next have a big collection of so many different brands now! They have a really great selection of Converse on their website :) No problem! :)



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