Moments In October

31 October 2016

Happy Halloween! October has been a busy one for me, there's been withdrawing from university, a handful of interviews, turning 21 and landing a new job. Overall it's been a pretty good month! As I've said so many times, October is my favourite month of the year, it's when I like to get into the true spirit of Autumn and now that the clocks have turned back I am also looking forward to the upcoming Winter and Christmas festivities! I also feel like a lot has changed this month, my routine for starters, plenty of getting up at 6am which I'm not so bothered about now that the clocks have turned back so there will be some brighter mornings! And I sense a change in how I feel in general, I'm more positive with less stress and anxiety than I did before, I thank Autumn for that! So without any further ado here are some of my moments in October!

1. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. I've become a little obsessed with pumpkins this year, I've even bought a tiny munchkin pumpkin which currently sits in my bedroom on my bookcase. I just think Autumn is not complete without pumpkins around the house, whether you're carving them or not I think they're the perfect addition to an Autumn home. I always go above and beyond with my carving as I'm always on the look out for something funny to carve, so this year I went for a Grumpy Cat stencil and I'm rather impressed with the outcome!

2. Successful job interview. I used to get extremely anxious when going to an interview, I got so worked up about it and would end up overthinking way too much about what questions would be asked. I had a successful job interview couple of weeks back, I'm proud of myself for staying calm and just giving it my best!

3. The Great British Bake Off finale. I can't believe that was the last ever Bake Off series with Mary, Sue and Mel! I'm happy we at least get a Christmas Special but it's going to be so different without them and not showing on BBC One.

4. Trees with orange leaves. The thing I love most about Autumn is the colours, oh how beautiful they are! I can't help but get my camera out every time I see a row of beautiful orange and yellow leaved trees.

5. Turning 21. I just love that my birthday is in my favourite time of the year, I kept it simple this year with a chilled and relaxed celebration with plenty of cake and chocolates!

6. Creating a cosy space in my room. There's lots of decorating going on at the moment in the house, the living room is being painted with plenty of wood staining too! Whilst my mum has been busy with the living room and elsewhere I have been concentrating on making my little room fit for a cosy Autumn/Winter. I've treated myself to a new bedding set and I've been repositioning decorations too! A home décor post will be on it's way next month, I can't wait to share my décor finds!

7. Renewing my Netflix subscription. Now that the new season of Once Upon A Time has arrived on Netflix I just had to renew my subscription because I seriously love this programme! I'm also waiting for The Vampire Diaries season 7 to appear but if you have any Netflix recommendations please do share!

 8. Getting back into a routine. The one thing I did like when I was at university was the routine. I like having a routine or some sort of plan or schedule because it keeps me going throughout the day rather than falling back into a slump. I found that when I'm occupied and have a plan my anxiety doesn't tend to prop up. Now that I have work on most days I'm starting to get used to this routine and also making time for writing blog posts or shooting some photography!

9. Foggy mornings. I woke up this morning to find a thick fog outside my window, I thought it was a great way to start off a spooky Halloween morning!

10. Brighter mornings, darker evenings. Now that the clocks have gone back I really love having brighter mornings, mainly because I can now do my make up in natural light when I have to be up early in the morning! Not to mention darker evenings, I love being able to turn on my string of rose lights and lanterns, to create a cosy and warm atmosphere in the evening!


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