The Winter To-Do List

20 November 2016

We are halfway through Autumn already! The leaves are starting to fall more frequently off the trees leaving the branches bare, the temperature has started to drop to freezing and Costa and Starbucks have now started to bring out their festive cups and hot drinks! What I really love to do is to always keep a to-do list running throughout each month so here are a few little things that are currently on my Winter to-do list!

1. Prepare for Winter baking. I've had a lot of fun baking Autumnal treats for the whole family so I can't wait to bake some festive treats for this Winter! I have a number of ideas over on my baking inspiration Pinterest board!

2. Driving lessons. I really want to start driving lessons in the new year, I've been putting it off for a while now either because I'm too busy and tired or because I'm quite simply a little anxious. But now I need to start looking around for some instructors so I can begin to start in January next year!

3. Keep up with a healthy diet. I've been doing well so far keeping up with adding plenty of fruit and vegetables in my diet. Especially after being ill for a week with a horrible cold/virus I've been stocking up on plenty of healthy meals and lots of smoothies full of vitamins. When it gets to Winter I like to make sure I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to help fend off the colds and flu, so this Winter I'm hoping I can keep a balance between healthy eating and the odd festive treats!

4. Create more content for the blog. I really want to get a couple of posts done before the new year, but lately I've found it a little bit difficult to juggle between creating content and work. However I've started to get into a routine again so I can now start to plan out some posts and photoshoots. I'm also looking forward to writing some festive posts and enjoy writing Winter posts.

5. Keep up with my skin care routine. I've mentioned a little about my skin problems in previous posts, but for those who don't know already, I suffer with acne. Lately my skin has been ridiculous and it probably doesn't help with this cold weather! But I have had some horrendous breakouts. I have been prescribed with a cream called Isotrex by my dermatologist who told me to give it a go as I was too anxious to try Roaccutane. So this Winter I'm really going to make sure that I look after my skin as it's going to be extra sensitive! Also if anyone has used Isotrex please let me know what it was like for your skin!

What's on your Winter to-do list?



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  1. I have so many little things that are not really that important so never get done. So my main aim is to get them all done.

  2. i'm so ready for some wintery baking now and will probably start super soon.

  3. I love all your ideas for winter to do list. I'm wishing you luck for your driving lesson. :)

  4. Your winter to-do list sounds amazing!
    I wanted to work on blog posts too. :D As well as read more books. <3

  5. I love this post :) the photos are so beautiful! I can wait to bake something Christmassy !! xx


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